“Can’t remember the last time I felt normal.”


Stacey is our newest team member at the St Kilda Drop In, even though we have all known her for many years. She shared the following story, again emphasing the important work of St Kilda Gatehouse in building community and connection with those who experience marginalisation:

‘Patrizia* came into drop in having had a few days in hospital with a nasty eye infection. I made her a cup of coffee as she got her medication sorted. We got talking and covered a lot of ground – family, life, ex-partners, going vegetarian, children, the weather and music. As it turns out we think we were probably at the same U2 concert at Festival Hall in the late 1990’s! Which caused a bit of laughter amongst us all. “Thanks for the lovely time and chat,” said Patrizia as she packed her bags with some toiletries and a food parcel. “Time flies when you’re having fun. Far out! That’s a really normal thing to say isn’t it? Can’t remember the last time I felt normal.”‘ 

*Not her real name

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