Australian Research and Innovation Safeguarding against Sexual Exploitation

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ARISE is St Kilda Gatehouse’ most recent initiative and seeks to provide professional development focused on understanding, preventing and intervening in Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE).

Based on the challenges that were being presented by the young women and girls at the Young Women’s Project, St Kilda Gatehouse has developed visual psychosocial therapeutic tools that include contextually relevant media. The visual tools depict various risk and protective factors associated with CSE.

ARISE Module 1 & Module 2 are our first professional development programs delivered across 2 days. Project Insight is our innovative therapeutic response to bridging a gap in the community to promote better understanding of Sexual Exploitation amongst frontline professionals, children and young people, which is provided to all training participants.

2019 ARISE Workshops

ARISE endeavours to equip practitioners with concrete therapeutic resources, such as Project Insight, to expand knowledge and deepen the pragmatic work that is being implemented in the community between workers and children, young people, and families affected by CSE. 

Module 1 Provides a reflective and interactive space to understand pathways into CSE, a young person’s experiences, and recovery models from a therapeutic perspective. This module explores current research internationally and the significance of the digital age amongst CSE. 

Module 2 Participants receive a story-stem package of 40 visual cards, which explores CSE with young people, using a flexible and multi-model therapeutic approach. Recovery models will be explored and integrated into an assessment and case analysis framework, to apply to their work alongside young people at risk of, or affected by CSE.

Module 1- Understanding Child Sexual Exploitation

Full day workshop – 9:30am to 4:30pm 

Date & Location Friday 6th September 

@ Deakin Burwood Corporate Centre

Cost $290 Inc. GST

Module 2 - Responding to Child Sexual Exploitation

Pre-requisite is completion of Module 1.

Full day workshop – 9:30am to 4:30pm

Date & Location Friday 20th September

@ Deakin Burwood Corporate Centre

Cost $390 Inc. GST

Includes Insight Therapeutic Resource 40 card story-stem resource & manual

Combined Module 1 + 2 Package

As per dates and locations previously stated 

Cost $590 Inc. GST

Food provided (Morning & Afternoon tea and Lunch)
Group booking 10+ / Students please email us for enquiries.

For enquiries please contact: 
Phone: 03 9794 7366

ARISE (Australian Research & Innovation Safeguarding against Sexual Exploitation) is a project of St Kilda Gatehouse (ABN 76 5570 519 41) supported by Whitelion and Deakin University.

Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) TERMS

Sexual exploitation includes both actual or attempted abuse of a vulnerable person for sexual purposes, involving but not limited to, the monetary, social or political profit by the perpetrator. Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) is a form of child sexual abuse perpetrated against young people and children (UN Glossary, 2016), CSE is said to have occurred in the presence of attempted abuse via the use of technology and/or online grooming.

Research shows that estimating the amount of CSE globally is extremely difficult, due to its covert nature and under-reporting (Smith, 2016). It’s common to assume that exploitation occurs mostly to vulnerable youth; for example, CSE amongst an out of home care population in Australia

In the Ireland et al (2015) study, the majority of young people were approached for sexual activity (when they were less than 16 years old) by an adult using online grooming methods via mobile phones and other digitally based technology. This is consistent from evidence from Australia, with young people approached online via social media networks, snapchat, and even gumtree .

Research has brought to light the ways a young person may be vulnerable to sexual exploitation. In this literature, indicators are termed ‘risk’ and ‘protective’ factors. Some literature also discusses the presence of push (i.e., vulnerability factors that push a young person into CSE, such as loneliness, or violence at home) and pull factors (i.e., factors which lure a young person into CSE, such as coercion, manipulation or an illusion of relationship).


“These tools encourage a young persons growth and recovery. Enabling access to support and a safe way of sharing their story when they struggle to find words to describe their experience. All young people deserve to be shown dignity and taught about choice. To be given the opportunity to learn about self-love and respect and the courage to find their voice and take their power back”

— Carrie Bailee (Ambassador for Young Women’s Project)