St Kilda Gatehouse has a long history of sharing about our work with schools and community groups. We have presented as keynote speakers at conferences, churches and schools.



If you need a speaker at your next event and would like your community to hear about our work amongst those experiencing marginalisation in Melbourne, please contact us via the following link:

Our speakers work across three locations including:

  • The St Kilda Drop-In Centre, where we have worked for more than twenty five years supporting those involved in street based sex work, and their families.


  • The Young Women’s Project in Dandenong supporting young women and girls, between 12 – 25, who are affected by or at risk of sexual exploitation.


  • The Greeves St. Op Shop in St Kilda, a social enterprise initiative, supporting women with lived experience of street based sex work, into employment and volunteering.


Please go to Greeves St. Voices link below for more information about our engaging and informative workshops.


ARISE is an initiative of St Kilda Gatehouse and seeks to provide professional development focused on understanding, preventing and intervening in Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE).

Based on the challenges that were being presented by the young women and girls at the Young Women’s Project, St Kilda Gatehouse has developed visual psychosocial therapeutic tools that include contextually relevant media. The visual tools depict various risk and protective factors associated with CSE.

Project Insight is the first training module delivered over 2 days endeavouring to bridge a gap in the community to promote better understanding of Sexual Exploitation amongst frontline professionals, children and young people. 

Project Insight endeavours to equip practitioners with concrete therapeutic resources, to expand knowledge and deepen the pragmatic work that is being implemented in the community between workers and children, young people, and families affected by CSE.